​​​National quality videography & photography in Traverse City!

Sometimes you just have to get creative. Only have stills?

We can make that work!

The Beaver Island Boat Company's President was invited to present to the National Passenger Vessel Association of America, in Washington DC. ​​

I made this for that.

if 1 photo = 1000 Words, How about video? 

Event coverage is super subjective. This is a marquee event for this client. The objective?

Make them look good.

The Shepherd's House is a VA funded non-profit helping troubled veterans. They needed their story told so I shot and directed this. ​​​It's a compelling testimony.

​Steadi-Cam adds a little something. Sometimes, you can lock the camera down and let the action come to you. Other times, it's better to get more involved. 

Know your craft. 

Making electricity cool was perhaps the toughest story I've told.  So how do you make electricity cool?

Listen to your client.

The Grand Rapids Home Builders Association wanted to craft a message for high school students that the Building Trades was a good career option.

We had to make getting dirty feel cool.

This is a TV spot used with a new branding effort. The client established the concept, while the location was anything but scripted. 

Get the shot.