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​Marty ALL OVER Michigan: What does that even mean? I've photographed or recorded people, places or events from Detroit to Marquette and a whole lot in between. Before that: 44 states telling stories for over 200 companies since 2002. Bottom line is that today I call Michigan my home, and I've been all over it!

I used to be in front of the camera (find that story on the ABOUT page) until I did like Ron Howard and moved behind it. I think that gives me a unique perspective. I shoot both stills and video, and of course a staple of being on-screen talent is doing voice overs. So I offer voice recording too.

If you would like to talk about a project, everything you need is in the CONTACT page.

​Take a look around - it's a portfolio of a wide range of work!

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PHOTOGRAPHY: I like shooting stills; you get a nano-second to tell the story, so you have to be present.

VIDEOGRAPHY: From promotional to documentary; from television to social media, I've produced them.

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  • Asher Subway:Louisville read 60:08
  • Sleeping Bear Resort main page VO2:40
  • 4:56


I've been a professional at

storytelling since 2002.

That's when I quit my job to make a "why-you-SHOULDN'T-do-it-yourself" TV show.

Yep. I did that.

VOICE: Commercials for national brands like AT&T or an on-hold message for a local attorney, a professional voice can give your story the final touch.


​​​National quality videography & photography in Traverse City!